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Data Catalog and Preparation

Put data value at your fingertips and empower
more effective decisions.

Connected and Actionable Data

Data proliferation is growing as enterprises progress on their digital journey. Over 60% of an organization’s data is unknown, dormant, or underutilized. Imagine if you had the right data in the right context at the right time? What if all your data was connected, integrated, and truthful? Picture frictionless migrations, productive users and happy customers. Boomi Enterprise Data Catalog and Preparation can take you there.

Leave No Data Behind

Bring together data across systems, applications and people to build a resource of trusted, complete, and current business intelligence.

Streamline Your Business Operations

Migrate, consolidate, and rationalize data at the speed of business to eliminate costly delays.

Put Your Customers First

See a comprehensive view of your customer interactions, preferences and attitudes so you can deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Get to Know Your Unknown Data

Make sure all your enterprise data participates in driving your business forward with natural language discovery.

Unified and Useful Enterprise Data for Successful Outcomes


Start experiencing the next wave of data readiness with support for efficient consolidations, fast migration to the cloud, trackable data governance, and a comprehensive view of your customers. Our new suite of data readiness capabilities will accelerate your journey to better business outcomes.

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