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Ease your EDA implementations
with Boomi

Introducing our upcoming catalog and UI!

EDA Solutions

Boomi has joined together with top-tier EDA partners to bring new solutions to our platform. EDA, powered by Boomi, enables customers to select their protocol and deploy their technology of choice.

Power to Choose, Click, and Deploy

Continue to use Boomi for what you’ve learned to love–ease of use. With an abundance of integrations across all of your platforms and technologies, Boomi’s EDA options add another layer of flexibility.

Out of the Box, Customize, or simply Connect

Boomi expands its queuing portfolio to not only include Atom Queues but also offers plenty of open source and enterprise offerings now available and built through our Connectors. If you’re an advanced shop, you can even customize and build your own EDAs based on the library/protocol of choice: Explore more about our eConnector SDK.

More to Come!

With our scalable platform, you’ll be able to choose the technology and protocol that best suits your needs. Don’t get stuck in a technical back and forth. Have technology freedom! We’ll continue building EDA technologies that fit the needs of our users. Please provide feedback as we’re actively adding new features and capabilities. Ideas Page


Boomi EDA Ecosystem

Here’s a quick glance at what we’re adding to The Boomi EDA ecosystem features industry leaders that bring event driven pub/sub technology through connectors that our users access with a simple drag and drop.


We’re making friends!

We’re partnering with the best to bring customers more integration options for their messaging/queuing needs as well as tipping our hat to those who have provided excellence in this field.

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EDA Resources

Take a look at these additional resources to better inform you of how Boomi is enhancing its Event Driven solutions

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