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Connect Now

Turn business users into citizen integrators with self-service connectivity

A Solution for Every Need

Smarter Automation for Application Integration

Boomi Connect Now empowers your business users with self-service integration capabilities – speeding business results, improving productivity and eliminating delays. Through a marketplace of pre-built integrations published by developers, non-technical business users can quickly and easily find, configure and deploy their own integrations – while IT maintains central control and governance.


Building an Integration Ecosystem for Improved Productivity

Boomi Connect Now delivers tremendous value application providers and IT departments. For application providers, Boomi Connect Now allows you to embed pre-built integrations into your application or offerings. Your customers can integrate your application into their environment with ease. For customer IT departments, you can publish pre-built integrations for your business users to consume. Your business users can rapidly configure their own integrations using a wizard-driven approach.


Self-Service Marketplace

Give business users access to an easy-to-use self-service marketplace with no need to understand or dive into underlying technical details.


Control and Governance

Retain control and governance over integration by providing prebuilt integration patterns that can be easily configured and deployed by business users.


Fully Configurable with Boomi Flow

Connect Now is built on Boomi Flow, a full workflow automation tool. This gives you the ability to modify or extend Connect Now as you see fit. Your options are practically endless – add collaboration, approvals, chargebacks and other functions with ease.

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